Why here? Sustainable Living at MUM

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  1. MaharishiUniversity

    @srimaddukuri Yes, you’d be very welcome – try to come to one of our
    Visitors Weekends because that will give you the whole picture. You can
    talk to lots of students and faculty and get all your questions answered.
    (If you have financial need, you can get a Travel Scholarship up to
    $350…. check our website for details.)

  2. Wow, cool video. I’ve never heard of this university but it seems quite
    extraordinary and unique. Very surprised after watching this video. Though
    I live on the east coast, I think I may visit this school the next time I’m
    close to Iowa to see this school for myself. Seems like at this school you
    can actually LEARN and CREATE something useful for living a healthy,
    fulfilling life.