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  1. shadowmink888


  2. bart thalamew

    you all talk freedom but worship Obama and his take over of govt. it is
    only the Govt. that can truly suppress the people you talk about guns when
    they take them the govt. what do the people have then we can live free or
    be sheeple it is clear if people don’t think like you then they should be
    what? you lefties are so hypocritical .Obamas policies have a truly
    negative effect on the poor you cannot bring the bottom up by bring the top

  3. Lazyike67

    Interesting how the US bill of rights is suspended when the republicans
    come to town. Thank God KC will NOT be holding the RNC imagine if this was
    the DNC & cops did this to republicans Libertarians & other Conservatives.

  4. Steve Franklin

    I thought the hippies were all gone. Guess they haven’t learned that laws
    are for everyone, not just the squares. Not to mention storing shit and
    throwing it at cops, not smart.
    You were asking for money to help you ‘get home’, therefore, it was
    commercial due to you making money from it.

  5. TacomaTilly

    Was this impound during the RNC in 2008? I was out there at the time and
    remember seeing the police pull a huge bus over that was clearly modified.

  6. TacomaTilly

    At 3:00, I see that it was at the RNC. I was there and and it did look like
    a police state; they are out of control.

  7. Damian Morgan

    If we start living the way we want to live, our precious governments do not
    like it! They want us to live the way they want so we can fill their
    pockets with our money, if we do not conform they ‘punish’ us….enough is
    enough I say!! Whats the latest on the bus?

  8. ytmm9055

    wow-this really sucks-and that was 2012-Dear Jesus help us. aaaaand
    SIRI-says jul 28 2014 the gates of hell open-oh Dear GOD have mercy on us.

  9. cbthethird

    I had a school bus that was deemed a “commercial vehicle”. Which wasn’t
    right, as it was originally titled for private use by the Kentucky school
    board and I had it insured as an rv. This is the fucked part of owning and
    living in a converted bus. There is always a lot of red tape etc, it isn’t
    as easy as everyone thinks. 

  10. Turbo Grafx

    This is unfair that these Lucifer Lovers Freemason cops are helping the new
    world order these cops are sellouts. Its hard to find a good cool godly cop
    now days. The masons They invite spirits of fallen angels in to their
    bodies to play out thee plans to kill the real well informed and brain wash
    the unsure using intelligent well placed lies. And the tax IRS is used to
    fund them and in power.

  11. cadddy1871

    just looking at it the thing is a rolling traffic violation. it still has
    the stop flashers and stop sign visible witch is illegal. in MN it must be
    registered as an RV or as a bus. looking at how many people it could
    hold it falls under a bus witch means your driver REQUIRES a bus
    endorsement for any vehicle capable of hauling more than 10 people unless
    you have a real big family witch does not apply to a busload of hippies.
    also if executing a warrant they cant let you remove computers or any
    personal effects. your lucky they let you take the animals. also it has to
    meet commercial bus standards in MN unless it is registered as an RV. if
    registered for “passenger use” it still falls under a bus in this
    state. if it appears in any way not to meet MN standards they can pull it
    over and impound it. the red and amber overhead stop lights were enough to
    impound it in MN. I have converted busses to RV’s and if it is an RV it has
    to be inspected and registered as an RV. helpful tip. just because
    something is legal in one state does not mean it is legal in another
    especially on a vehicle that big. another helpful tip if its a “house on
    wheels” register it properly. that falls under misuse of a tag and even
    possibly tax evasion in MN

  12. The Speaker

    I anyone knows what became of this, please contact me. I am a reporter and
    if there is any developments that are current, I would like to write on it.

  13. Orson Durkin

    Based on the personal hygiene of these people I will allow any oppressive
    force that gets them closer to a bar of soap.