Homes of Hope Community of sustainable living.

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  1. The greatest protest you can do is to stop feeding the system.
    “Stop slavery through sustainability.”

  2. I love the idea of sustainable living. It’s always been my dream to start a
    place like this. I would be very hesitant of joining another group. I don’t
    like crazy cults that try to take away from the individual,

  3. What part of the country do you want to build? Will you allow members to
    leave if they want to go on a vacation?

  4. It was good to see you post. It means you are alive and your heart is still
    beating. I have been very concerned for you and kept you in my prayers
    especially at the Medicine Wheel. I really liked this presentation and
    totally like the concept. I have envisioned homes like this, seen a few and
    wondered why more are not being built. I wish I had tons of $ to invest. I
    try to live simply but city living can get complicated. We have thought of
    moving to a rural area more and more. Keep posting.

  5. Need to get the word out all over the net. I’d move there and I know a
    number of folks who would do so as well.

  6. Vibrational Changes

    This is my dream too Tim <3

  7. I see “Homes of Hope” communities across the Nation…. across the Globe.

  8. Maine. aeyep

  9. Awesome Irish… praying hard we get a sponsor so I can start this
    Quadrathlon now.

  10. Thecanadianwitch

    what program was used to create it in virtual? it reminds me of Second
    Life. we can do builds like that in SL.

  11. Would love to have you on broad. We can start building as soon as we have

  12. I’m with you, Tim. I can weave baskets and carry water. I will keep the
    community healthy and happy with my body activations :)