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  1. freakyfreakify

    Oh my god I love this tutorial! Since I love exploring scents, I think I
    really gonna have to try this. Thanks so much for the idea. xo

  2. Alice P

    oh my god! these gifts are amazing! i love all these ideas!!!!!! Make some
    more cosmetic DIYS!!!!! these are amazing! 🙂

  3. Daily Vlogs Aruba

    I really love your video’s Danielle! Thank you so much for putting all the
    effort in your video’s! Your such a great mommy, love that you are so
    natural! I found your channels when i was looking for cloth diaper video’s!
    learned so much from you! xxxxx

  4. nebenanx

    Gute Idee- abgesehen von den hautreizenden Duftölen (erkennt man an dem
    chemischen Symbol –> Schwarzes Kreuz auf orangem/ rotem Untergrund).

  5. marium sid

    this is the best video danielle.i thoroughly enjoyed it…but place where i
    live i can only get fragrant oils to burn in the house at the lifestyle
    shop.Can they be used on face and body? Also where should i get beeswax
    from? Also can i use white sugar for the scrub and instead of sunflower oil
    can i use almond or olive oil? I live in the middleeast area!

  6. Elaine Tan

    can you make a vanilla-chocolate flavored lip balm and btw love ur vid i am
    so gonna subscribe!!! 🙂 love you and your vids!!!